Best Bicycle Type For Recreational Riding

Bicycles are getting to be ever more common in contemporary culture. Not only are they used for recreation and exercise, but they’re also an environmentally friendly manner of everyday transportation. For countless people around the world, bicycles are the preferred procedure to commute to work. Recreationally, bicycles are appreciated by many both relaxing and throughout specialist sports. No matter your requirements and interests might be, there’s almost definitely a bicycle for this.


Velosurance would really like to assist you pick the ideal bike to suit your needs. Let us learn about primary kinds of bikes.

Kinds of bikes

Road bicycles

“Road bicycle” is a phrase used to refer to a bike that’s specially intended for riding on paved streets. These kinds of bicycles are generally utilized in racing from Grand Tour occasions like Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. Road bikes are designed and constructed for operation on pavement, but because of the individual demands of every rider, distinct sub kinds of road bicycles exist.

Racing bicycles. There are two chief things which are considered in the design of racing bicycles: weight and speed. These bicycles will typically need more competitive place from the riders. Inexperienced riders might experience lower shoulder and back pain when riding those for extended distances.

Touring bicycles differ greatly from racing bicycles because touring bikes are made to be comfortable. These bicycles often feature flat handlebars that leads to a more vertical position of the rider. As a result of thicker elements used on flying bicycles, they are inclined to be durable.

Aside from street cruising and racing, street bicycles can also be employed for fitness riding, walking and long distance rides. A proper fitting process is required when purchasing a street bike.

Best for: sidewalk streets

Greatest uses: racing, gym biking

Mountain bicycles

A mountain bike is a sort of bicycle that’s typically staged off. It is constructed for management whilst riding gravel streets, rocky mountain paths, and dirt paths. The rugged suspension process is maybe among the most crucial qualities of a mountain bicycle, as it’s exactly what enables a rider to ride through different all-natural challenges like drops, jumps, stones, roots, and sand. The suspension system of a mountain bicycle absorbs a lot of the shock, which makes it a much safer and more comfy riding choice when researching off-road terrain.

Mountain bicycles are often heavier but more streamlined compared to street bikes and generally contain smaller frames and wheels together with knobby tires and disc brakes. Mountain bikes have their particular sub-categories, like downhill bikes, cross-country bicycles, and fat-tire bicycles that were intended for specific off-road pursuits.

Regardless of the title, mountain bicycles aren’t limited to off-road usage.

Hybrid Bicycle

Hybrid bicycles, commonly known as”comfort bicycles,” are largely used for recreational excursions in locations where there are no serious barriers, but also ride well on gravel streets on account of the magnitude of tires. These bikes are excellent options for commuting and relaxing rides with the household. Most contemporary hybrid bicycles feature a front wheel suspension to create the ride small bumps as easy as possible. These bicycles usually create great starter bikes since they fulfill a”happy medium” in several categories, for example cost, utility, speed and relaxation.

Commuting bicycle

As its name implies, these bicycles are especially intended for commuting. Other conditions which are employed for the category of bikes are”urban bicycle” or”city bicycle”. Commuting bicycles are at a more comfortable upright position, allowing the rider to view farther and to be viewed by other people. It’s extremely common for commuting bicycles to have characteristics like light systems, chain guards, and racks. High-end commuter bicycles can also be equipped with hydraulic disk brakes to take care of emergency braking situations better.

Best for: sidewalk and restricted off-road

Greatest uses: commuting

Electric-assist bicycles

The chief feature of an electric-assist bike is your battery-powered motor, which not just eases your everyday commute, but decreases the effort needed when climbing slopes or in case your bicycle is taking a heavy load. Urban and freight bikes are those which get the electric-assist treatment frequently.

Folding bicycle

This sort of bicycles is perfect for a commuter who’s limited in storage area. They are typically lightweight and eventually become quite compact when folded. Some models even include a large carrying bag, a fantastic selection for those that prefer to travel. While folding and unfolding such a bike is a rather speedy procedure, the disadvantage of the kind of bicycle is its generally reduced rate and potentially diminished maneuverability. Folding bikes normally have bigger wheels, which restricts their usability into smooth paved streets.

Cargo bicycle
Cargo bicycles are bikes designed especially around a metropolitan environment with the aim of replacing a private automobile. These bicycles are somewhat big, capable of transporting groceries and frequently up to three children. Cities using well-developed bicycle infrastructure, such as Portland, OR, make it very feasible to substitute an automobile with a freight bicycle.

Woman’s bicycle

A “women’s bicycle” isn’t a kind of bicycle, but instead a wider group of bikes that are built for women’s body types. Many characteristics, including the dimensions and geometry of the frame, handle bar, and saddle kind make these bikes perfect for ladies. In the last several decades, bicycle makers have addressed and recognized these gaps, producing women’s bicycles that meet virtually every need and usage, such as road, mountain biking, touring, and hybrid vehicle.

Activity-specific bicycles

This class includes bikes which are created to be used in particular sports and activities. The most typical sorts of bicycles in this class are tri-specific bikes built for triathlons and cyclocross bicycles constructed for cyclocross contest. Additionally, there are low profile BMX bicycles that normally have 20 inch wheels and fixed-gear bicycles, which are basically a commuter bicycle, but with only 1 gear setting. The one-gear characteristic makes fixed-gear bicycles light and simple to keep, their durability makes them great city usage.

How to Choose the Best Kind of the Bike

To help construct a Fantastic image of what attributes You’re Looking for in the bicycle, ask yourself a series of queries:

  1. What type of terrain are you going to be riding most frequently?
  2. Are you wishing to take part in a certain action, such as racing or triathlons?
  3. Should you had a bike/bikes earlier, what would you like and dislike it/them?
  4. How long is the typical ride?
  5. How frequently do you intend on using your bicycle?
  6. Is your bicycle for pleasure or transportation/commuting?

If you’re planning to begin riding with a bunch of friends, consider riding a bicycle that’s comparable to what the band rides. Showing up into a street ride on a mountain bike will probably lead to you being “dropped”, or at least, needing to exert yourself greater than everybody else in your class.

If you’re still not certain what bike would suit you personally, but see that you ride in town, have a peek at this”hybrid” bike. It combines characteristic of a street bike and a mountain bike, making it a fantastic alternative for many riding surfaces and requirements from town.

A mountain or road bike may be your very best choice if your attention is on fitness. Just don’t forget, even though a mountain bike can be ridden on the street, a street bike will probably not have the ability to survive off-road terrain.

For urban casual usage, a commuter bike would probably satisfy your requirements.

Selecting the Fabric of the Bicycle


Aluminum has become the material of choice as 1980s. Aluminum is light, owns a nice ride quality, and is comparatively simple to fabricate, which makes it inexpensive.

Technological improvements in how in which the metal could be manipulated led to a brand new generation of high-performing bicycles. Every significant manufacturer has numerous aluminum versions, from non and pricey renewable machines, in the mountain and road bicycles.


Tough and reliable, steel has been the first substance of choice for bicycle manufacturers from the start of time. Yet, steel has time and place in bike design. Bikes with exceptionally lengthy, load bearing eyeglasses, like tandems and freight bikes, are usually built from steel. Many mountain bikers and single-speed riders favor steel to carbon and aluminum because of the excellent ability to consume high-frequency vibration.

Carbon Fiber

If you’re seeking your bicycle to be somewhat mild, you likely require a carbon bicycle. Carbon fiber is the lightest substance employed in bicycle structure, but it’s also the most expensive. While exceptionally strong, carbon doesn’t fare well when affected by sharp objects, like stones.


Titanium bicycles are prized for getting some of the finest riding attributes and”fatigue endurance” A titanium bike will provide outstanding comfort, functionality and ride exactly the exact same in its very first mile because its millionth. Regrettably, titanium is an uncommon substance and needs highly specialized welding gear and rigorously guided manufacturing procedures, making titanium bikes quite pricey, often on par with their carbon fiber counterparts.

Evaluate riding the bicycle

Evaluation riding bicycles is an excellent way to learn which kind or special model is ideal for you. It’s almost always preferable to purchase and tune a bicycle that fits nicely than to match and adjust a bicycle that doesn’t fit to start with. If a shop doesn’t allow test rides, then consider finding one that does. We’d urge test riding a bicycle till you get a fantastic feel for this, at least two or three times around the block. Whenever you’ve settled on a particular bike kind, ride several similar bikes provided by several brands.

While evaluation riding a bicycle Think about the following:

  1. How does this believe in turns?
  2. Are you really comfortable on the bike?
  3. How can the brakes feel?
  4. How great are the gears and just how well do they change?
  5. What is the general quality of the bicycle? Is it tough?

Always work to check the suspension system of this bicycle, if it’s one.

A Proper Match is Essential

A bicycle that fits well and the bike that’s ideal for your body proportions and type is a bicycle you may love to ride. On the opposing side, a bike that is suitable for you badly will result in reduction of overall relaxation, ease of handling, pains and aches after riding, all which reduce the pleasure you receive from riding. Many bike shops offer bicycle fitting solutions, frequently as well as the purchase.

Talk to People in the Regional Bicycle Shop

In case you have any questions regarding anything related to bikes, see the regional bicycle store and spend time speaking to individuals working there. They are usually knowledgeable about all kinds of bicycles and will give the best advice.

If you aren’t sure which bike matches your requirements or lifestyle, then ask the rep to give you a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages and which offers more bang for your dollar.

Accessories to Purchase With the Bicycle

There are a number of accessories which are an absolute”must have” if you’re going to develop into a cyclist.

To improve rider safety, these items must be bought at Precisely the Same time when Buying a bicycle:

Whether riding about with pals, commuting in the town, or rival, biking carries certain inherent dangers. This guide would not be complete without mentioning motorcycle insurance.

There are 3 big losses connected with biking: theft or damage, medical expenses in the event of a collision, and accountability. Until recently, a homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance coverage was the only alternative available for bike owners when procuring their bikes for thieving, leaving them mostly vulnerable for other potential losses. 

Velosurance is an industry-leading company that’s changing that. The Velosurance coverage has been designed with cyclists in mind and offers coverage for the huge majority of risky scenarios a fisherman and their bicycle may be involved . The bike can be covered while in transit by airline and other transport providers, or when transported on or in a vehicle.

While covering the bicycle for theft and accidental damage, a Velosurance policy expands protection to biking apparel, spare components and accessories, like a racing wheelset or a bicycle computer, and supplies race charge and leasing bike expense reimbursement for all those scenarios where the bicycle is damaged or lost prior to an event. Medical care alternative may mitigate or remove the yearly out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident.